Alonya’s Message to You For November

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For those of you new to my newsletter, Alonya is the master angelic guide who works with me to help others here on Earth. Alonya has been an Internet presence, serving Earth’s community since 1994.


Reflection by Alonya



“Dear Ones, Our message to you is to work with the season that is currently on Earth, which is the late Autumn and transition into Winter. It is a time to look inward, to go over progress you made for this year that is now passing, in all areas of your life.


And then take a rest so that after your Autumn/Winter reflection, you can forge ahead with your new goals, plans and intentions when Spring arrives. Your ancient coding in your human body feels this to be the ending of the year and the new year approaching.  Your body mind’s wisdom does not feel that Jan 1st is that time, it feels that time as now, so let us work with your natural rhythm.


So at this time, we suggest you reflect. On what do you ask? Well, we say with a smile, how about thinking on where you have made compassionate choices for yourself, for others and for your planet this year, and where you could have made them?  That’s a big one.


Go inward this week, pause and reflect. Next week I will continue delving into this time of reflection and how it can serve you and bring about positive changes.”

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  1. I love this message. I am so glad to hear Alonya talk about this time as being the new year, because that is what I feel as well! Thank you and I look forward to more!

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