Alonya’s December Message “Continued Reflection and Gathering Energy”

Continued Reflection and Gathering Energy
by Alonya

Last month, Alonya spoke on this time of season being the natural time of reflection. If your new to my newsletters or missed it, you can read her message by clicking  here.

“Dear Ones,
Last month I spoke to you on this resting phase, pulling in your energy for the Autumn/Winter reflection, as Nature intends. 

We asked for you to reflect on where you have made compassionate choices for yourself, for others and for your planet this year. Now, we suggest you reflect upon your life purpose.  What were you born to do:? We will discuss this question of your life in more depth next month as we continue through the winter, preparing your emergence in the Spring.

To begin, reflect on if you spent time with, or sought out those people and things who affirm the highest in you.  And if not, how can you do more of that in the coming year?
Did you seek to change others, nurture others, heal others this year and ignored the self?
What can you implement in the coming year to fill your cup more often?

Did you have a daily regime of self care?

At this time on your planet, it is imperative to have some sort of daily re-balancing time to keep homeostasis and equilibrium, if only for a few moments. Do you even know what that is or what it could be for you? What would work for you and for your busy life? No? Then let’s reflect on that this month and the months ahead as we go deeper into Winter.

Do you notice the reflection we suggest to take on this month is about you? It is. because you cannot change your world, cannot help anyone around you, unless you are standing on a strong foundation. It starts with you. EVERYTHING  and all that you hope for starts with you and your connection with your Divine Source.”

Copyright 2010 Eileen Smith. All Rights reserved.

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  1. Beautiful, perfect, and timely. Exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you Alonya and Eileen! I was just reflecting on what I need to do to take care of myself, took action, and something said to check online…and here I find this message! Love how Spirit works! Thank you for the confirmation!

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