Keeping it Real With Archangel Gabriel

by Eileen Smith

Archangel Ariel

Seasons tidings to you.

I know that one of the things you want to have is a stronger connection to the angels and your guardian angel. So I am working on something for you to do just that. Keep on the look out for an upcoming announcement of something I’m creating just for you, to elevate your connection to the angels.You can subscribe to my website mailing list by clicking on the page links at the top of my blog.

I’m also writing more personal entries in my Angel Blog. Why? Because I’m a real person, just like you. I’m keeping it real. I think it is empowering for you to know that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. Too often teachers of spiritual thought are put on pedestals by the public, or you just see what you are allowed to see. A special, perfect life with nary a negative thought. Not true! If you think there are people out there working with the higher realms because they are more special than you, then that is a doing a disservice to you and to the angels. And it is the exact opposite of what I teach, which is that the angels are for everyone, imperfect as we are. As my good friend Archangel Gabriel says, “You are like diamonds, you have many facets.”

Speaking of Gabriel, I am working on a new art piece about him. I am creating portrait of how he appears to me. I hope to have it for you soon. The Christmas season would be apt, as he was the angelic messenger sent to Mary to tell her of her special mission here on Earth.

Peace be with you,


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  1. good for you for keeping it real! i was called to write a blog a few years ago about the path i was on, it was painfully real LOL but so many have come to me and said they read it and could identify…i am sure you will have similar experiences

    • I certainly can! :) It’s so important that people understand that following this path doesn’t mean you get a perfect life, and that only those who are perfect get to experience angels.

    • Aww…THANK YOU! I’m honored. I love your blog, by the way. The beauty of what you are expressing out to the world is very authentic. Thank you again for the award. Love it.

      • Namaste…. to you my kindred sister…. I am happy to have found your loving blog as well…You bless us all with your Art and Inspiration….Thank You in return.. ;)

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