Creating Harmony and Resolving Conflicts with Archangel Raguel

Creating Harmony and Resolving Conflicts with Archangel Raguel

by Eileen Smith

Raguel’s name means ‘Friend of God’. His chief task is assisting all creation to work together in harmony and order according to Divine order and will. He is incredibly helpful in working with relationships in conflict. If you need help in creating harmony and resolving conflicts, involving anyone in your life, call upon Raguel.

One example of how real his help can be is taken from my own experience. We were purchasing our first home and at the last minute, it appeared that it may all fall apart. All our belongings were packed, movers scheduled, boxes stacked up filling every room. I called upon Raguel to help in the roadblocks and to assist all parties involved to work together harmoniously.
One evening I heard a voice say “It’s taken care of., your going to be in your new home.” It was Raguel. I then had to let go and trust. And he was correct, it all worked out. And therein lies your role, to ask , and call upon him during those stressful times of conflict and miscommunication. Angels are under divine law and cannot directly assist us unless we ask them to.
Below is a channeled message from Archangel Raguel.

“As in the accurate saying “All things are possible with God”, it truly is. You would be amazed and comforted to know how aware the angels are of you and all that is going on with you. You would be encourage if you could really understand how much we know who you really are, and how available we are to you.

Until you call upon me, I can only envelope my energy around you, like a unseen embrace, or hug. But when you call upon me and ask me to help you, that is when I can come into physical action and help you create harmony in your world.Do you wonder why you keep calling us to change your friend, spouse, coworker but nothing changes?

One thing to understand is that we can and will never manipulate someone to achieve something you wish to happen. We will never “make John think, feel or do this and that.” That is not how angelic healing and intersession works, my children. Something far more productive is to call on us to help you see things differently. If you give us permission to help you, we can do that. But, we cannot change someone else for you. That is against Divine Law.
Within a relationship, just shifting your energy can create miracles and bring your partner’s vision into higher alignment because you did it first. Your energy changed. Creating the change withing yourself can transform any issue.

How we work is like God’s Love alchemy, we create higher energies and Light to raise the vibration of a situation, so that the human being involved can make the better choice, think the higher thought, create the space that they can feel more love, compassion or forgiveness.
The only thing you need ask me is this. “Raguel, transform my thoughts, feelings and energy of this situation into a higher vibration. I am willing and open to being the Light of Change in this issue. Bring the Light into me so that I can see this situation as a being of God’s Light. Seeing it with a more gentle and open heart and mind, allowing me to lead by example.”
For truly, the positive changes come through you, with our assistance. That my children, is how we create harmony and balance in difficult relationships and situations. I am here to assist you in doing this, call upon me.”
Copyright 2010 Eileen Smith

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