Another wonderful guest blog post this month. This time it is from my dear friend Brittany K. James.

Livnam Kaur

Sat Nam,

One of the hardest lessons to learn on the spiritual path is that not all spiritual people have their act together. I remember when I thought that if someone was psychic they must be so self aware, so in tune with Spirit, so together. I remember when I thought that all spiritual teachers put into practice what they taught. I eventually learned to separate the teachings from the teacher…..if the teachings were valid, of course. It’s a tough lesson. As you go through your life on a spiritual path you will eventually come up against the conundrum of finding a ‘teacher’ who does not walk their talk. So, how do we handle this?

First, we must examine the teaching. Is is actually rooted in Truth and does it give us a spiritual experience that moves us forward on our path? If the answer is ‘no’ then move…

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  1. brittanykjames

    Thank you so much, Eileen! So glad you are in the world doing the Work and I am so grateful for all the beauty, grace and teachings you bring us through The Path of the White Rose..

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