Helping a Bee After Hurricane Sandy

“After Hurricane Sandy, I found this disoriented bee who was immobile for 2 days outside my window.I gave him some warmth, Reiki and sugar water and he recovered. We named him “Buddy the Bee.” We hope he finds his way home.”

After Hurricane Sandy, I was moving my geraniums that had survived the storm and saw a bumble bee resting on one of them. I’ve seen bumbles go to sleep on flowers in the evening, so thought perhaps this may be the case. But it was so cold!  Two days and very cold nights went by with this little one still motionlessness. I could see him through my window! How can one ignore that?

I always say “If it’s in your line of sight, if it’s in your awareness, then it’s up for you. It’s the Universe setting something in your path. Basically..batter up!  Step up and do something. I was getting that intuitive “nudge” that is very familiar to me, that I needed to pay attention to this. That there was an opportunity here, a choice to be made that was important.  What Archangel Michael and I call “The Compassionate Choice.” I could see him from my window, he didn’t move at all. and it was clear he was in some sort of distress and I had to take action.

I grabbed a shallow glass so he would be sheltered from the wind and the sunlight and my hands would warm him up. I figured he could rest in this as long as he needed to. I gently moved him from the flower into the glass and he allowed me to guide him without any fuss.

Checking in with my connection with Nature and the angels, they told me to warm him up and make sugar water. So I did. At first I put it on a cotton ball,no reaction from the bee. He remained motionless. I received the guidance to clip a lavender stalk , dip it into the sugar water and give it to him that way. As soon as I did that, he moved his leg a little and I saw this tiny tongue weakly licked at the water. Within a minute, he was lapping it up and within five minutes  moving his body to get more. So I dipped three more stalks into the sugar water and put that in there with him. I left him there for about ten minutes and came out to check on him.

I videotaped it below.

A small and simple act for us can impact the lives of others. In this case, a bee, who had his life saved. Never underestimate the power of small acts of kindness.

We named him “Buddy the Bee.” We hope he finds his way home.

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