Tired And Aching in Autumn? The Energetics of The Season Change

Sunlight on King Street

Sunlight on King Street (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever noticed that when one season is transitioning to the other, in this case summer to fall, you feel a bit out of sorts? Perhaps tired, not sleeping well, aching and perhaps eating a bit more?

For some reason, my readers and clients report feeling this way during the Winter to Spring season change and the Summer to Autumn season change.

No one really knows why this is, but many people experience it.  Let’s not forget, in ancient cultures over millennia, this season is the passing of the old year and entering into the new one, not our modern Jan 1st.

My theory is that your body’s ancient cyclical clock is adjusting, and that energetically we are supposed to take this time out to clear out what gets in the way of taking the time to care for our bodies and replace it with a renewed commitment to self-care.

This also includes clearing out any internal dialogue, including ways of thinking, that blocks us from living our highest experience here. In a sense, an internal and external lifestyle cleanse before going into the next phase of the year.

In the East, detoxes and cleanses are done at the season’s change and what is done is done according to the season. Many holistic practitioners and other people keyed into this important time choose the season change to cleanse, clear and renew.

I invite you to think about allowing this transitioning time for glorious summer into crisp fall to rest and renew.

Replace negative habits with life affirming ones.


Walk in nature.

Get clear.  See a life coach, massage therapist, energy worker, priest or minister, psychologist or counselor who can assist you in committing to and achieving balance, clarity.

I personally try to get extra sleep, make sure I am taking my supplements,I exercise and I get extra massages and energy work.

Walking in nature also helps me to tune in and connect more with Earth’s natural process. I find this seems to ease the season change within my body.

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