What Does Archangel Gabriel Look Like? Part I

In this month’s newsletter, I  promised you I would post my portrait of Archangel Gabriel. I have been wanting to draw his portrait for ages now, but life was getting in the way. Tasks and time, the bane of the creative heart. (I also promised you another installment of the Extreme Gnome Makeover, and I will be posting that for you Friday.) I will be posting the creation of this portrait of Gabriel in installments, so sign up to my blog to be alerted when they are posted. You will receive an email to your inbox when they are up.

Sketching Archangel Gabriel

December seemed the right time to conjure Gabriel’s likeness to paper. He was afterall, the angelic messenger who spoke with Mother Mary about the child she would bring into this world. I will also tell you more about my experiences with Gabriel. He is one of my guardian angels, he “walks with me” as I like to say.

Sketching Archangel Gabriel

Sketching Archangel Gabriel

He helps me so much with my art, my public speaking, the classes and lectures I put together. But he has also been there for me in the most mundane ways. Like the time he helped my husband and I out at a outdoor flea market. (I’ll tell you that story too!)

Sketching Archangel Gabriel

Sketching Archangel Gabriel

I’ve heard Gabriel’s voice. I’ve seen him. And so I will show you how he appeared to me.

I think this is what I am most passionate about with my Angelic Energy Art. Bringing to you the messages and the likenesses of the angels. Because it makes them real for you. Because they are real. And tangible. And accessible. They are not kitschy porcelain figurines sitting on your desk. They are amazing beings of God’s grace and  power and they are here for you and me.

Willow helping me with  Archangel Gabriel Portrait

Willow helping me with Archangel Gabriel Portrait

I will do it in installments, and to be honest, I don’t stick to a regular schedule. My life and whims seem to prevent that. So, subscribe to my blog or newsletter to find out when they are up.

Willow helping me with  Archangel Gabriel Portrait

Willow helping me with Archangel Gabriel Portrait

I put together a little video of Willow and I sketching today. I notice say “um” a lot. Oh well, let’s put the shadow of perfectionism and “getting it right” to bed, shall we? Or at least let it take a nap. Otherwise, I won’t ever post videos. 😉

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