A Visit From St. Teresa of Avila. Channeling and Painting a Saint


I’ve decided to go back a number of years and post earlier Angelic Energy Art I have done.  Honestly, my human ego was hesitant to do this because as a self taught artist, my earlier works leave something to be desired to my critical Virgo eye. These older works I was trying to learn how to paint.  Actually, I’m still trying to learn to paint. But back then, it was very rudimentary. But so many of you have asked me about who I have been visited by and if I painted them.  

Many of you are fascinated by the experiences I have had with archangels and other high beings in regards to visitations and then painting or drawing what they looked like. Or how their healing, Light Rays  and higher energies get infused into the paintings or prints. and want to hear more about that. So I am obliging! 🙂  I’ll be going back in time and posting some of these for you in the coming weeks and months.

Walk in Grace and Beauty and May Peace and Fulfillment be on Your Path,


“St. Teresa of Avila” The Story Behind The Painting

I paint only one painting at a time, and when one is finished, I wait for Spirit’s call to paint another. During this time between paintings, I began to feel a presence surrounding me. This usually indicates that I will be painting some being from the higher realms. One day, I was getting the message to prepare for a channeled art session and to just ready myself in front of the canvas, even though I had no idea what I’d be painting beforehand.

I then began to feel the high holy presence of a woman. I began picking up that she had come to me so that I would paint her portrait. She wanted her likeness to be physically represented on earth, and she had a mission for her energy to be with this painting.

After several days of this, I began to hear a woman’s voice say the name Teresa.

Then “Saint Theresa.”

She told me that she was not to be confused with St. Theresa of the Little Flower. She told me she was St. Teresa of Avila. I began the painting, not really knowing much about her. I grew up a Catholic, my Irish mom (herself named Theresa) being a devout Catholic and strong in her faith, and knew some of the saints, but not all and definitely not in detail.  St. Theresa the Little Flower I had heard my mom reference, but not this St. Theresa.

This Saint Teresa told me as I began my painting that none had her likeness. There were no paintings, photographs  because during the time of her life, they did not have such things, and as a nun, they would not have had portraits made. She said this portrait would give someone who she works closely with, who with the connection is strong, strength and inspiration to have her energies, and her likeness, around them. She told me that her energy with this painting will bes a tangible daily reminder of her love and support.

I had never really heard of a St. Teresa of Avila, but she said she is becoming more known on Earth at this time. I have since learned there is a book out on her life.  I had not read it then, nor have I read it since painting the portrait. (It is on my reading list though, which is vast. So many books! So little time!)

St. Teresa , during the channeling of this painting, came through as a very strong willed woman. Very intelligent, womanly, beautiful and in spirit, she had a youthful sensuality quite surprising for someone who said she was a nun. I also felt her to be very gifted psychically and had a strong connection to the higher realms during her lifetime on earth. She would have fit in very well with the healers and spiritual teachers of the new age.

I felt that she she held secrets no one knew, because at the time she lived in, it wouldn’t have been received well. She said she was before her time. She had wonderful leadership qualities and she said she probably would have become well known in our time as well, as a mystic. She demanded respect as a woman and knew her worth and let no one treat her as less than she was, even in an age where such a thing was commonplace. Painting St. Teresa was a wonderful experience for me, and a blessing in the life of those she guides.

If you have your own experiences with this remarkable woman and saint, post them in the comment section below. I’d love to hear about them.

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