A Look Back at “Mother Take Flight”

Traveling Time and Space….Painting Animal Spirit Guides “Mother Take Flight”

On Facebook, they have something called “Throwback Thursdays” in which you post an old photo of yourself.

I thought it might be nice to also include my  past artwork in that. To take a look back on how it’s evolved, and the difference between my channeled art and the art that I just paint for the fun of it.

Although I truly believe all creativity is sparked from God, there is a marked difference in my work when the intent is different.

I feel very close to God when I am painting. It’s like I’m not just thinking of calling God, but actually on the phone with God.

Whenever we are creating, we are connected to the Divine.

I’ve decided to go back a number of years and post earlier Angelic Energy Art I have done.  Honestly, my human ego was hesitant to do this because as a self taught artist, my earlier works leave something to be desired to my critical Virgo eye. These older works I was trying to learn how to paint.  Actually, I’m still trying to learn to paint. But back then, it was very rudimentary. But so many of you have asked me about who I have been visited by and if I painted them.

Many of you are fascinated by the experiences I have had with archangels and other high beings in regards to visitations and then painting or drawing what they looked like. Or how their healing, Light Rays  and higher energies get infused into the paintings or prints. and want to hear more about that. So I am obliging! :)  I’ll be going back in time and posting some of these for you in the coming weeks and months.

Walk in Grace and Beauty and May Peace and Fulfillment be on Your Path,


Mother, Take Flight

Mother Take Flight by Eileen Anglin

Mother Take Flight by Eileen Anglin

June, 1996
( 18 x 24 )
This painting was painted for the mother of one of my friends. Back in the 1990’s I used to do a lot more animal spirit guide paintings than I do now. I was immersed in the teachings of shamanism and Nature spirituality. It was a transformative time in my life. These teachings helped me on a personal level and were a foundation for me as I moved into my later work in healing and teaching. To this day when I smell the scents of Autumn. Falling leaves, wood smoke and fireplaces burning, I am transported to this time in my life and the art and healing I created throughout it.

The woman’s face in the painting was a likeness of my friend’s mom.  The  animal spirits in this painting and the messages they had for her were poignant, and asked her to love and take care of herself. I cannot divulge the more personal aspects of the messages, and what transpired after this was painted, but it was pretty remarkable and mystical.

The Angelic Light Rays used were blues, yellows and greens. Blue, for emotions, green, for healing, and yellow for the healing of  the 3rd chakra, which represents the place were we hold your self-empowerment.

The painting is very maternal, with a lot of moon symbolism. We associate the moon with women, the mother, and psychic gifts. Although a dog is one of her animal guides, he did not choose to be in this painting because he felt the devotion to family ( part of dog medicine) was actually holding her back. It was in the realms of codependency, of sacrifice that didn’t hold anyone involved in their highest vision, the best of their experiences here on Earth. There is a difference between giving of yourself and giving yourself away. One is empowering to yourself and others, the other isn’t coming from a place of power.

The owl wished for her to unleash her spiritual potential and seek higher spiritual arts. Her owl was  a wise teacher and is ready to show her the way. The eagle is ready to take her higher, to freedom, to free her from the chains that have bound her to the ground. He was ready to take her higher, to the Creator’s Divine truth and love  and her true self. These are what her  animal spirits told me, this is what they wanted me to paint.  

Do you have experiences with animal spirits, perhaps the owl and eagle too? Tell us about it in the comment section below. I’d love to read them.

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