Tuesday’s “Ask an Angel:” Angels That Can Help Us Learn, Remember and Excel

It’s Tuesday’s “Ask an Angel” day!

What Angel Can My Child Call Upon For Study, Learning New Things and Tests?

"Ask and Angel" with Eileen Anglin www.whiterosepath.com

“Ask and Angel” with Eileen Anglin http://www.whiterosepath.com

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On my Facebook Fan page, I received a question from a mom who wanted to know what angels her child could call upon  during a particularly challenging time  learning something new and with upcoming tests.

Before i tell you who I would call upon for assistance, I want you all to know that any of the archangels and your personal angelic team will assist with anything. For example, Raphael is the master of all healing, but he could still help you with your homework if you asked him. And he would do a fine job of it!

Having said that, our  spirit guides do tend to excel in certain areas,  just like we do.

But with the archangels, it’s not that they are better in one area, because they are good at all areas, it’s that they were giving a task or job by God to concentrate on. They focus on that task for us.

Because they love us and God loves us. As they are God’s presence and love made manifest into the physical expression of messengers and helpers within our 3D world.

I would call upon Metatron and Archangel Raziel for the learning and the tests.

Metatron because he is tasked with children , especially children who have special abilities, who are “wired” differently than others or those who find the energies in this world challenging. Such as the Indigo’s and the starseed children. Metatron also tends to be drawn to those who are consciously trying to better themselves, because he is telling me as I write this, he knows that every time someone makes a shift, who rises up over their circumstances, the better our world becomes and the closer we come to the changes we all want to see happen in our world.

My husband likes to joking call him “Mega-Tron” which Metatron get’s a kick out of. Yes, the angels have a sense of humor….

Raziel is the archangel who assists us with learning and new information. Raziel’s name means “Secret of God.” He is the archangel of wisdom and knowledge. He assists in helping people uncover those things hidden inside them and bring it out to the light. Such as special talents and abilities.He is telling me he is often called upon by those wishing to learn metaphysics, because it is something we all know, but just need to “remember” or uncover.

So, if I was trying to learn something new, and was struggling with it and knew there was going to be a test on it, those are the two I would be calling upon, as well as my White Rose Spiritual team.

You can read more about these two holy beings. I wrote two articles about Raziel and Metatron in my About.com column. Just click on their names at it will bring you to them.

Walk in grace and may fulfillment and peace be on your path,

Eileen and her angel Alonya
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