Presenting…”Archangel Gabriel, Master of The White Light Ray”

Gabriel is here!

Archangel Gabriel, Master of the White Light Ray

Archangel Gabriel, Master of the White Light Ray


Archangel Gabriel, Master of the White Light Ray

To mark the debut of this painting,  I have donated the print to charity. You can get this print at a fraction of the retail cost by bidding on it for charity!

100% of proceeds go to rescue stray cats and kittens.

It’s on mounted gloss canvas so it will look like a painting, and is ready to hang.

CLICK HERE TO BID until September 14th.

Get energy art for your home or office and give to charity at the same time. 🙂

Also available for purchase on at this link:


Copyright text is not seen on print or painting.

If you’d like to see how this Archangel Gabriel energy art was created, I have painting progression videos at

About The Artist:

Artist Statement: “My energy art work reflects the power of transformation, healing and inspiration from our connection to Divine Source and our spiritual connection to Nature and animals. To help to awaken our evolving humanity on this the blue jewel we live on.”

Eileen Anglin is an award winning Angelic Energy Artist , Angel Channel and Angelic Light Ray Master Healer whose life’s work is to create art, audio, tools and meditations that help guide others to connect to the Divine in their daily life and strengthening their connection to the angels.

Nominated by “Readers Choice Favorite Angel Intuitive 2012 & 2013”

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Eileen’s art is available for purchase on at this link:

All Images, Art, recordings, videos and Writings on this blog are copyrighted.


About Eileen Anglin

Writer, Artist, Voice Actor/Actor, Activist, Life Coach. Promoting environmental awareness human kindness. Working on creating global change, one heart at a time by promoting compassion and human kindness. Voice actor and actor. Artist and writer hoping to help you to live the life you were born to live. It’s time to shine your light. The world needs it. Founder of The Path of the White Rose® LLC WEBSITE ▶ Facebook ▶ Youtube ▶ Google+ ▶ Pinterest ▶ Instagram ▶ Blog ▶ We encourage forwarding and sharing, but all use and excerpts must have credit and permission of the author and creator first, are not altered in any way and copyright notice and bio must be included. ©2008-2017 Eileen Anglin & The Path of the White Rose® LLC All Rights Reserved.

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