John of God

A fascinating account of meeting John of God from Tara Sutphen.

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John of God

By Tara Sutphen

Our societies have taught us to stop the hocus pocus of belief, yet I have profound findings when researching an amazing healer in Brazil. We’ve been told to be practical and not get carried away in playing make-believe. After all, if you can’t see it or touch it, how could it be real? As humans we are born and die. When you stop to think about it, that is an ultra-incredible phenomena in and of itself. Sometimes, we can’t figure out the easy things in life. How to get along with others, how to cure our illness’, how to make money easily. We find it hard to use our mind to perfect idiosyncrasies and problems. We can be in a morass of confusion and get sick mentally or physically all the time. We fumble, when we should get ourselves into active motion toward ultimate vitality and health. We go…

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