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Eileen Anglin

Author, Teacher, Healer, Artist and Life Coach

I write, paint, teach and life coach with the archangels to empower, heal and elevate your life. To create global change, one heart at a time.

Are you looking to read something that can elevate your thoughts? Check out my Blog.

I’ve recorded Angelic meditations  on MP3 and CD that you have access to whenever you want, for as long as you want to experience them.

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Are you looking to create Divine space around you?  Would you like visual reminders of the angelic realms? My Angelic Energy Art it is available in all sizes and prices for so you can bring the inspirational, healing energy of the angels into your home or office.

I work as a life coach with Archangel Empowerment™ Coaching.

You can commission your own guardian angel portrait.

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I am also an Earth Activist. I am passionate about creating global change by opening one heart at a time.

This beautiful planet was created for all of us to experience love, peace, happiness and fulfillment.

We can let so much get in the way of  having this in our lives.

I want to help you elevate your life, heal your heart, create self-worth, live your true purpose and shine your light out into the world with the help of the archangels.

I’ve created this site to give you tools and insight if you want to create the best life, be seen, feel good enough to step onto the stage of life just as you are right now, and know you are worthy of your goals and dreams.

Walk in Grace and May Peace be on Your Path,

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