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A Look Back at Jimmy Page, My Magical Druid Muse

Traveling Time and Space….Jimmy Page, My Magical Druid Muse

Jimmy Page by Eileen Anglin The Path of the White Rose LLC

Jimmy Page by Eileen Anglin


On Facebook, they have something called “Throwback Thursdays” in which you post an old photo of yourself.

This is my unfinished portrait of one of my musical muses, Jimmy Page. It is in my private, personal collection where it will remain with a place of honor in my upstairs entryway. Walking up the stairs, you turn a corner and are immediately hit with the energy of this magician.

Jimmy Page by Eileen Anglin The Path of the White Rose LLC

Jimmy Page by Eileen Anglin


I have had people stand in front of it for long periods of time, without speaking, seemingly glamoured by it. Many say I have captured his soul in this piece.

Well, in all honesty, I do channel my work.

I started back in 2001 after a series of dreams I had in which he was in, and in them he asked me to paint his portrait.

The dreams were full of symbolic images and they stopped after three months of painting it, when I stopped working on it.

I have never painted a portrait of a celebrity or famous person ever. Before or since.

Why unfinished?

Because I had difficulties with his very long and elegant hands and his guitar. I really do hope to get the gumption up to finish it.


Or maybe it is finished?

Jimmy Page by Eileen Anglin The Path of the White Rose LLC

Jimmy Page by Eileen Anglin

I thought it might be nice to also include my past artwork for you. To take a look back on how it’s evolved, and the difference between my channeled art and the art that I just paint for the fun of it.

Although I truly believe all creativity is sparked from God, there is a marked difference in my work when the intent is different.

I feel very close to God when I am painting. It’s like I’m not just thinking of calling God, but actually on the phone with God.

Whenever we are creating, we are connected to the Divine.

The Magic of Jimmy Page by Eileen Anglin The Path of the White Rose LLC

The Magic of Jimmy Page by Eileen Anglin

I’ve decided to go back a number of years and post earlier  Energy Art I have done.  Honestly, my human ego was hesitant to do this because as a self taught artist, my earlier works leave something to be desired to my critical Virgo eye. These older works I was trying to learn how to paint.  Actually, I’m still trying to learn to paint. But back then, it was very rudimentary. But so many of you have asked me about who I have been visited by and if I painted them.

july 2014 15

Many of you are fascinated by the experiences I have had with archangels and other high beings in regards to visitations and then painting or drawing what they looked like. Or how their healing, Light Rays  and higher energies get infused into the paintings or prints. and want to hear more about that. So I am obliging! :)  I’ll be going back in time and posting some of these for you in the coming weeks and months.

The Magic of Jimmy Page by Eileen Anglin

The Magic of Jimmy Page by Eileen Anglin

Walk in Grace and Beauty and May Peace and Fulfillment be on Your Path,


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