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A Day in The Life…..High Summer

This is just a fun little post, to give you a glimpse into what my day is like.

We’ve become a little global family here and I like to share  little ditties like this from time to time.

I try very hard to keep to a schedule, or like many creative souls, and those with one foot in this world and the other foot in the other, I won’t get anything done.

Think about scheduling all your “anchors” into your day. Structure is something spiritually minded and creative people need but are sometimes resistant to. I can’t tell you how much it has helped me.

Scheduling all the things important to you into to your day can really enrich your life.

I wanted to post how I incorporate this practice into my life and think about how you can too.

I have coached people on the importance of a schedule to reach any goal or just to create a better life.

I counsel that we need to schedule in our goals, to schedule in our play time as well as time to connect with loved ones and the Divine.

I call it our “Spiritual Anchors” “Health Anchors” “Goal/Career Anchors” and “Play Anchors.” 

“Anchors” meaning something solid we do as a reminder of what we want our lives to be.

Here is my daily schedule in the summer. It allows for more time to play and enjoy Nature than I have scheduled in during the Winter months.

8 am-9 am: Wake Up and Set The Day’s Tone and Intention (Spiritual Anchor)

  • I wake up to the excited greetings of The Great Cat Army.

I spend some time greeting the day with them.

(See how excited they are?)

June 2014 003


August 2014 022

  • Delicious coffee left for me from my beloved husband


  • A yummy fruit and almond milk smoothie
  • Then head out to feed the birds and the critters outside
In the Gardens of 333

In the Gardens of 333

August 2014 011

August 2014 007

Today I assisted a moth who is at the end of this life.

August 2014 027


10:00 am to 4 pm (Goals and Career Anchor) 

Time to work!

The Angel Blog of Eileen Anglin and The Path of the White Rose LLC

Now it’s time to do some work!

Work which is not work, really.

  • I either paint my energy art, create  audio meditations and programs so people can connect to the divine or I write my weekly affirmations, ask an angel or work on the book I am creating thanks to my muses Danielle La Porte and Linda.Silvertsen.
Eileen Anglin

Capturing one of the moments in the process of making my White Rose Angelic Essences.

 4pm In The Summer (Play Anchor)

  • Take a break out in the garden or a swim..

On hot days like today, I save my gardening until the magic hour, which is around 6-8 pm.

So today I went for a swim and then went out to the garden during the Magic Hour.



This is the actual light bathing the gardens, they are not re-touched. The Gardens of 333 has a lot of Nature and spirit activity.

Magic Hour in The Gardens of 333

Magic Hour in The Gardens of 333

Magic Hour at the Hermitage

Magic Hour at the Hermitage

August 2013 002

August 2013 003

August 2013 008

August 2013 010

August 2013 011

6 pm- Bedtime ( Play, Connections & Health Anchors) 

  • Cooking something healthy and vegan for dinner for my husband and I.
  • Play with Tommy!
  • Work out to keep my body and mind clear.For me, no pill can do what exercise does. As a claircognizant and clairsentient, it helps me clear off the energies my body picks up from everything I encounter during the day.
  • Play some PC Games with my husband (Yes! I am a gamer! We love  the Mass Effect and Dragon Age franchise). I find this to be fun and very grounding when I have been working with the other realms for most of my day.
  • Read. I cannot end the day without reading. I have never, ever not read at the end of my day.

Peace. I have a good and blessed day.

Think about scheduling all your “anchors”  into your day.Scheduling all the things important to you into to your day can really enrich your life.

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