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4 Reasons Prayers Are Not Being Answered


“I’ve been asking my angels for help but I’m not seeing any results. What am I doing wrong?”

Firstly, let me say that God and the angels hear all of your prayers and no prayer goes unanswered.

It just may not be the answer you have been asking for, or delivered in the way you wanted and in the time frame you wanted.

A misconception has grown from books and social media on manifesting an outcome. I feel it is a great disservice to tell people if you think positively and watch your thoughts, you will bring to you all that you desire, that by saying certain words and affirmations, or having the right crystal the angels will bring to you your exact desire.

Despite information made popular, the angels tell me this is not the case and it’s left people feeling disillusioned and abandoned. People are feeling like the angels have overlooked them because they keep asking and praying but nothing ever changes for them. The power of manifestation is very real, but there are other factors at play. There is more to this and yet it is so simple. Not only do you need the faith, the belief of answered prayers, but you also need to take action. The law of attraction needs the laws of action.

What are these other factors at play? A growth lesson, non interference, the constraints of our linear Earth time, human will on Earth and taking action.

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Angels Are Not Short Order Cooks

Angels Are Not Short Order Cooks

Free Advice from Angel Intuitive, Eileen Smith
Today Eileen responds to two people who are concerned their prayers are not being heard or answered.
  • Adam asks:Do I have guardian angels, if so do they hear my prayers?”
  • Roxana asks: “Because of some problems that I have had from a long time, I feel desperate. I’ve prayed a lot, but… it seems like my prayers are never listened to or answered. Instead of feeling some comfort and hope, I’ve started to think that probably God just hates me for some reason (I don’t know, maybe I am too bad or is something wrong with me and that’s why He rejects me… I know, it sounds crazy, but that’s the way I’m feeling). So, the question is: Does God care, accept, and help all of us?

Eileen’s Response: One of the most common questions I receive is about angels answering our prayers. 8 out of the 10 emails I receive ask the question “Are they listening to me? Have I done something wrong? Why are my prayers not answered?” Many people are under the false misconception that we need to do or say the correct words or do a ritual to have prayers answered, and if they are not, the angels are disapproving of them in some way, or worse, that they are forgotten and alone, that the angels have left them. Neither of which holds any truth in the angelic realm.
Recent information and media suggest a sort of “recipe” for prayers, and manifesting desires. While a positive attitude and maintaining positive words is very important and certainly beneficial, the idea that saying something a certain way will bring you exactly what you want, and when you want it, is a confusing concept to many of my clients. When it doesn’t happen, they think they “did it wrong” or there is something wrong with them and the Universe and the angels disapprove of them. The honest truth is, angels are not short order cooks. Many times we get what we need, not what we want. Everything happens to us within Divine Timing. Let’s explore this more in-depth, with the information the angels are giving me about this issue for many people on Earth.

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Eileen Smith is a intuitive energy reader, past life healer and the founder of The Path of the White Rose. Eileen’s down-to-earth, warm style will set you at ease and she is committed to sharing her life experience to bring the message of conscious living to all that seek it.

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Why Aren’t the Angels Answering My Prayers?

“I’ve been asking my angels for help but I’m not seeing any results. What am I doing wrong?”

The angels hear all of your prayers and no prayer goes unanswered.

It just may not be the answer you have been asking for. A misconception has grown from recent books and media on manifesting an outcome. And that is, that if you say this and do this and take exact steps like it’s a formula, the angels will bring to you your exact desire. The angels tell me with humor that some think of them as models pulling open the curtain to your new car on a game show. Despite information made popular recently, the angels tell me this is not the case. Manifestation is very real, but there are other factors at play.

To answer this question, also read my article to ask yourself if you are doing your part.

What are they? A growth lesson, non interference and the dimension of time and human will on Earth.

Angels are God’s messengers, so they can not interfere with God’s plan or your Higher Self’s plans for your life on Earth. A life lesson needing to be learned is usually involved, but they will try to help you in a way that supports you, but does not interfere with the life lesson.

For example: You want a new job that pays more money and takes you away from office politics. One reason it may not be manifesting with your prayers to the angels is because you may have a growth lesson about money and finances that needs self examination.The lesson is to learn how to navigate gracefully and compassionately in the midst of such things with others in your office environment, and “get ” that soul lesson. So your still there, learning that, but the angels, who cannot interfere with that growth lesson that is your soul and God’s plan, will still send along someone who supports you, helps you get to that place of Grace in dealing with others, so you can see that lesson for what it is and then learn it so you can move on and get out of there.

Angel’s also cannot deliver to you anything that interferes with another soul’s plan. If your prayers involve another person,or having another person change or do a certain thing, remember they are bound by the Universal Law of non-interference with another soul’s journey without their permission.

And although the Angel’s are granted the unlimited power of God’s messengers, and there are no time limitations in the angelic realm, they do have to work with the current linear time limitations in our Earth’s dimension, and also the variables of human will, so it can take time to see prayers come to fruition. In other words, they need to formulate, “bake” and translate from your prayer to the timing limitations and human will variables here on Earth.

So if you have been praying and praying and you feel it has not been answered, it’s very important to see if one of the three conditions above may be at play. Remember, your prayers are always heard and will be answered in some way. Keep an eye out for how they may be answering them.

If you feel your prayers are not being answered, ask your angels to send to your life someone or something who is objective and can trust to help you see where you may have a lesson, to help you see something you may be missing to be cleared away first.

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