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The Amazing Story Behind Saint Germain of The Violet Flame

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Available in Giclee Prints at Eileen’s Etsy Store. Eileen Anglin The Path of the White Rose LLC

Have you had your own experiences with Saint Germain? Please share them with us in the comment section of this post.

My portrait of Saint Germain is complete and ready for his new home. I also created affordable archival matte prints and high quality giclee prints from him.
I made quick video about it for you to watch. It is at the end of this post. You can purchase the original painting or high quality Giclee prints by clicking here.

If you are looking for art that can raise your vibration, or the vibration of a room, I can’t think of anyone better to help you do that than Saint Germain of the Violet Flame. His energy is all about personal and planetary ascension, transmutation and transformation of old patterns into new and positive ones, and those energies are within this painting and prints.

The story behind this portrait is pretty amazing though, and so I would like to write it down for all of you. I will be upfront with you with the fact that I just don’t want to paint angels and ascended masters, I actually have seen them, experienced them or interacted with them in some way and then I paint them. I sketch out how they looked and then the next step is waiting for that archangel or ascended master ‘s energies to come through again, for what is basically a channeling session, only I am channeling while I paint. I am very grateful for this blessing, this gift, but it is important that I share that blessing and gift with all of you.

But I rarely tell the stories. Why? Because I have always been an intensely private person. Heck, we named our home “The Hermitage” (with the Gardens of 333.)  That is changing though. The Higher Realms want them told to you. And since my mission here is to bring the messages and the healing of them, I am doing so. It’s time to bring these messages and this healing forth and broadcast it as far and wide as I can. Changing the world one person at a time. I hope you help me with that.

How Angelic Energy Art is Created: They tell me the colors to use, they guide my hands. I can feel their high vibrational energy intermingling with mine, sharing the same space, if you will. I feel wiser, more loving, taller, a part of everything and everyone. one with all. It’s incredible. In fact, these paintings have not been painted by me, but by Spirit and the angels I am  simply the vessel in which they work through.

What is also occurring at that same time, is the Angelic Light Rays are infusing the paint, the healing energies of the Light Rays are being infused into the painting. Remember that these beings and the Angelic Light Rays have no time and space restrictions.

And whatever higher message, whatever specific “task” that archangel or ascended master has is also flowing into the painting. For example, Saint Germain is many things, but one of the things he gives to us is transmutation and transformation of negative to positive. Negative thoughts, patterns and emotions on an individual and planetary scale.

So that was flowing from him, as I channeled him, into this painting. Whoever buys a print or owns the original will understand. You just have to experience it. I am told by the angels that the future owners of these paintings have been chosen  and await these people to claim them. You will know when a painting is intended for you. It will call to you. You will keep thinking about it after you see it and feel the nudge to have it in your home or office. It may take weeks or even months, but you will keep feeling that nudge until it’s there.

But I digress! Back to this portrait’s story. Saint Germain.

I was performing an Angelic Light Ray Energy Healing session in my office. My client was resting on the massage table while I channeled this healing system. Then I felt and saw a spark of light along side the table, about 2 feet from it. I look up and I saw what I can only describe as a rectangular doorway of light form and then open up. Out of it stepped a man  in a white robe with blue, silver and purple trim on the robe. He was handsome and stately. Very dignified. He looked like he belonged in ancient Greece or Roman senate. In fact, I called him “The Senator” for a long time while I painted him because of how direct , dignified and serious he was.

He was ageless. He could have been anywhere from 30-80. And his eyes were piercing. Piercing but compassionate. Understanding of our human struggles. He was no-nonsense. He was like the wise man who understands how we get ourselves into our challenges but still wants us to work to pull ourselves out of it. I think that comes through in the energy of the painting. (Thank’s to you, Germain!)

So, he comes out of this doorway and I am speechless. (All this time that this is happening, I’m still performing the healing session in silence, I might add..)  Something inside me knew immediately who he was. I recognized him at a personal level. But I still ask him silently “Who are you?” and he answers “I am Saint Germain.” He then approaches the table and tells me about my client. Personal things I cannot share with you, but what I can share is that he gave me messages for her as well as why he was there, and why he was working with her. Some advice for her. He then proceeded to tell me where to place crystals, and which ones to use, and why.

And then what happened was he used my hands as his own. We “merged” for lack of a better word and he performed the rest of the session, using my hands. Again, just as I paint my art with them, they use my hands in healing. This part is hazy as I was not entirely in my body, but sharing it with this Ascended Master. How does it feel to merge my essence with a being of the Higher Realms? It is a huge spiritual experience.  All at once amazing and humbling. It is Ecstasy in the higher sense of that word.  It is beyond words, really. Quite frankly, it is the feeling that people are looking for when they turn to drugs, alcohol, food or sex. Everything,  you, the room, the world, people, plants, animals, everything is brighter, higher, wise, loving, connected, more expansive. All at once. In that moment. The All That Is is you and you are The All That Is.

I do remember that he used what I can only describe as sacred geometry and healing tools and machines made of Light. I also remember him lighting up her entire meridian pathways like an electrical board. It looked like a lightning storm. Quite frankly, the techniques I have seen these High Holy one;s use are beyond my human comprehension. They all use similar things though (yes, this kind of experience has happened to me many times. In the future, I will tell you more stories. Sign up to my newsletter to read them).

After the session was over,  I took a deep breath and began to try to describe to my client what had transpired while she was in a half-sleep state. She was shocked to speechless. She told me she had been praying to Saint Germain for weeks and days, and that during the session, she felt him with her. I was shocked and amazed too! I have been channeling since 1987, but the magic of this work never ceases to amaze me. We talked for a while and she left.

The next day I began the process of the portrait you see above. The next time she came, I sat it out in the open for her to see, but purposely didn’t say a word. You see, I didn’t describe exactly what he looked like. I wanted to see her reaction to how he appeared to me. It was my way of saying; “He was truly here. He was with us, and here is the proof.”

She came in for her White Rose Angelic Light Ray session and saw the painting. The look on her face was priceless. Apparently, she has seen him in her mind’s eye. “That’s what he looks like!” She was so taken aback by seeing what she has seen in her mind’s eye appear to her on the canvas, she could only point and stammer “THAT’S HIM! THAT’S HIM!”

Yes, that’s him.

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