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Extreme Gnome Makeover

unfinished gnomes Eileen Anglin

How the Gnome Brothers looked when they arrived

Meet the Brothers Gnome.

I know someone who really loves her gnomes. In fact, we call her yard “Gnomehorn” after the famous garden of Findhorn that has a lot of spiritual energy.

But her gnomes were bleached white by the sun and it’s elements. Especially two of them that meant a lot to her.

They came to me for some TLC and to soak up the very active energy in my own gardens, what we named The Gardens of 333. I had a vision of how they should look at the end of the makeover. Was the creative vision created in my minds eye  or did it come from the magical gnome brothers? 😉

They spent the summer next to a baby crabapple tree in my herb garden and in the fall, the makeover started.

My cat A.O. meets the Gnome brothers and oversees their metamorphosis

gnomes by Eileen Anglin

A.O meets the Gnome Brothers

I start with one that I’ve already envisioned as “the starry-eyed wizard.”

painting a gnome hat has color again!

Out of the two, he definitely colors outside the lines, so to speak.

Repainted gnome Eileen Anglin

I’ll miss the Gardens of 333

Repainted gnome Eileen Anglin

Willow approves.

I will be posting his brother’s makeover later this week. Stay tuned!

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