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Why Am I So Tired In the Fall? Ask an Angel with Eileen Anglin

August 2013 008

I have many readers and clients asking me this question lately. You have requested in a few emails to ask my guardian angel Alonya, what’s up?

So I did.

Have you ever noticed that when one season is transitioning to the other, in this case summer to fall, you feel a bit out of sorts? Perhaps tired, not sleeping well, aching and perhaps eating a bit more?

For some reason, my readers and clients report feeling this way during the Winter to Spring season change and the Summer to Autumn season change. Please remember I am not a doctor, so if you are unwell please seek medical advice.

Alonya tells me this is the traditional time, buried deep in our body’s memory of rest after the reaping. All that hard work done during the growing season was culminated by the harvest. It was hard physical labor and long days, and we are at the time right now.

We would be at the point where almost all the harvesting would be done and we would be celebrating our blessings and preparing for a well earned rest.

Even though we live in a world where we go to the supermarket, our bodies still remember, and want to rest.

Even though most of us did not hoe, seed and harvest our food, summer tends to be a busy time for all of us.

Personally, I feel the same way. I’m aching, I’m tired and I am eating more too. In addition to writing, painting, public speaking, and creating energy healing and classes on audio for you all, I have a garden we call “The Gardens of 333” and it’s a lot of work. We love it, but it’s work.  Add on top of that going to the beach nearby and those months are full of activity.

That doesn’t include the mundane daily tasks we all have to do. I’m sure many of you had just as much activity.

It’s natural. We are supposed to be more active during these spring and summer months.

But now it’s the harvest. Which includes harvesting what we have learned about ourselves, about our lives.

Alonya tells me there is also a spiritual connection to all of it as well. It’s also a time of reviewing and planning for what we can do differently come spring.

Alonya tells me we now begin a process that continues throughout the winter of processing and review. Like the bear retreats to the cave, we instinctively turn inward during the Autumn and Winter months to access our own wisdom so that come the Spring, we can try again with the wisdom of what we have learned from our introspection.

Our modern way of living does not allow for the ancient cycles our body wants and needs. So we ache. We can’t sleep.

What can you do to assist this very wise body you have that lives in the modern world?

Let’s not forget, in ancient cultures over millennia, this season is the passing of the old year and entering into the new one, not our modern Jan 1st.

I’m not a doctor, and you should always consult with your physician about your health and well being, but my personal theory is that our body’s ancient cyclical clock is adjusting, and that energetically we are supposed to take this time out to clear out what gets in the way of taking the time to care for our bodies and replace it with a renewed commitment to self-care.

This also includes clearing out any internal dialogue, including ways of thinking, that blocks us from living our highest experience here. In a sense, an internal and external lifestyle cleanse before going into the next phase of the year.

I invite you to think about allowing this transitioning time for glorious summer into crisp fall to rest and renew.

Replace negative habits with life affirming ones.


Walk in nature.


Get clear.  Do that review talked about above. Hire a life coach, massage therapist, energy worker, priest or minister, psychologist or counselor who can assist you in committing to and achieving balance, clarity.

I personally try to get extra sleep, make sure I am taking my supplements,I exercise and I get extra massages and energy work.

Walking in nature also helps me to tune in and connect more with Earth’s natural process. I find this seems to ease the season change within my body.

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