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Meditation Before Sleep

You may wish to do this tonight. I highly suggest you do it every night for a week, and then notice the shifts and blessings that occur.


Gabriel and Your Life’s Purpose

Archangel Gabriel can assist you with finding out what your life purpose is. He can also help you re-focus and get clear on the next step of your journey.

Call on him to help you take action towards your life’s vision.

Gabriel is all about the bigger picture, the life’s mission. He is bright with clear vision and clarity. He knows the original blueprint your soul had for you.

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Gratitude During the Tough Times

Shift into gratitude in only a few moments.

Use it every day or whenever you feel the need to recharge and open up the channel of divine flow.

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A Mission Statement

All of us want to figure out what we are doing here. We all want our lives to have meant something. To do something that mattered.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this.

What is your life’s mission statement?

I wear several different hats, but my angels said to me, ” focus on what really matters to you. What is it I truly, truly want to bring to people”?

On Saturday night while exercising, I began to think on this.

What is it I want to stand for?

What really matters to me?

I know that I am passionate about this planet, and that every being on it evolves into a higher consciousness. Compassionate, empathy, kindness, stewardship.

For all of us to be able to ascend to this, I know we all must heal from within and individually raise our consciousness my connecting to our divinity and be guided by the higher realms of thought, love and consciousness.

But to do that, people would have to clear up the misconceptions about this kind of work. And I am passionate about that. I’m also passionate about empowering others in that they don’t need to go to other people to do it for them.

So, I sat down after my workout and began to write it.

And this is where my focus will be from here on out.

My Mission Statement:

My life’s work is to create art, guided meditations, classes, tools and insights to empower you, to elevate your life on the planet and how you experience it.

Your highest vision of it.

My mission is to spread the word that everyone and anyone can learn to connect to the Divine.

That it isn’t for people who are strange, weird or airy-fairy.

It’s for everyone no matter what your age, sex, race, creed, religion or political status.

Through the tools I have created and through my guided meditations, art, classes, writings and public speaking, I want to bring the realm of the Divine to the everyman.

To the regular folks.

To bring not only the messages, but the access to the Divine to every person.

I want you to know that accessing the love, healing and wisdom of the angels and Divinity is easier than you think and it’s something you can bring into your daily life.

That you don’t need to be “a psychic” to do it.

That you don’t need to go to someone else to talk to your angels.

That you don’t need to rely on someone else to be your connection to the Divine Realms.

Because the truth is, we are all special in this way. God gave us all the ability to do this.

I want to teach you how to do that.

I want to help you to believe that.

I want to guide you to remember your Divinity.

Only through the elevation and healing of each and every one of us will we change the world.

And that’s my mission.

Eileen Anglin
May, 2014

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