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Angelic Technique for Cutting Cords

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Transforming Negative Energies into Positive Energies

Without a doubt, the current energy on the planet asks us to step up our daily devotionals and techniques to keep ourselves clear, centered and balanced.

It’s more important now more than ever to commit to a routine.

I have created CDs and MP3’s you can use anytime you feel the need to renew, uplift and clear your energy in 20 minutes with Michael and Raphael

Personally, I use this one when I am feeling particularly changed by the energies around me.  It’s particularly helpful to me when I feel ungrounded.

From the many testimonials I have received from users of this, they feel more centered, clear and positive after listening.

Everyone has something to let go of. This meditation is an excellent tool to aid you whenever you feel the need to clear your energy and raise your vibration. Michael also gives us a new way to ground ourselves that is much more effective. Use this as a tool, as often as you need it, or use it as a wonderful way to start your day.

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Lift Off! Clearing, Healing and New Grounding Meditations with Archangel Michael.The Path of the White Rose LLC

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