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What Angel To Call Upon For Intuition


Intuition can help us in all areas of our life and can give us the divine gift of Discernment. At the bottom of this article is an exercise to strengthen your connection to divine guidance.

All life has intuition. Our animals have intuition, even our plant life has intuition. It’s a gift given to us by the holy spirit. Some people choose to make it stronger while others push it aside due to fear or restrictions within societal, cultural or religious belief.

“Trust your instincts, for they are coming from the angels who watch over you”

A stronger intuition can help you receive and understand the divine guidance being sent to you so it is clear and understandable. It’s also empowering. ……

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Archangel Raziel Helps Us Develop Our Intuition- Ask an Angel with Eileen Anglin

Ask an Angel Q&A:

“I am going through a divorce and feel like I am on a new spiritual path because of it. I would like to know what angel I can call upon for this next chapter in my life. Thank you.”


Your new friend is Archangel Raziel!

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Ask An Angel Column Archives

Ask An Angel Column Archives

Index of channeled angel messages given in response to reader questions from Angel Intuitive, Eileen Smith.

Importance of Asking for Angel Assistance

There is a Universal Law that says that angels cannot intercede or assist you unless you ask for it. So get in the habit of asking for their guidance.

Wildflowers from the Beyond

I am missing my aunt so much since she passed. Do you think she knows how much I miss her?

Veil Between Physical and Spiritual Planes

October is traditionally the month of celebrating those who have passed on and the belief that the separation between those worlds is thin at this time.

Channeling the Angels

Am I channeling the angels? Or, is it my imagination?

Archangel Michael Cuts Cords with Energy Sword

I have just been working on cutting cords with past relationships. Can you tell me which angels have been helping me to cut those ties?

Angels Are Team Players

I had the feeling he was an angel, but how do I know for sure?

Angels Signs

How do I know whether I am connected with my angel guide?

Feathers – Spiritual Messengers

I found a perfect little white ‘heart shaped’ feather, was it a sign?

Higher Self Meets Authentic Self

I dreamed that the doors of my house were ajar and when I opened one, I was there face to face with myself. Am I being told something?

Angels Say Illness Should Not Define You

Illness is something we are challenged with as humans living on Earth at this time.

How to Connect to Your Personal Angel

Your personal angel is already connected to you. The goal now is for you to strengthen that connection so you know it without a doubt.

Why Were Angels Singing to Me?

I had gone to bed early and awoke to a choir singing a hymn that sounded like the Lord’s Prayer.

What is My Guardian Angel’s Name?

How to find your guardian angel and the best way to communicate with the angels.

What do number sequences mean?

Learn about meanings of seeing 333, 444, 555, 777, 1111, 1010, and 1212.

Yes, You Can Meditate! Just Find Your Style

by Eileen Smith
How can I be more psychic?
How can I hear my angels and guides better?
How can do I know I’m making the right choice?
How can I heal my past and boost my self esteem?
How do I ____________?
Throughout my experience as a teacher and healer, one of the answers to many of life’s questions and goals can be found in meditation. And invariably, one of the answers I receive back is that people don’t know how to, or can’t meditate.
Meditation is one of the major keys to probably everything we would like to create in out life. People want the quick, the easy. But meditation can be both of those things once you throw out the “shoulds” in your expectations of it and find out what works for you. I think a large part of the reason people don’t meditate is the misconception of what it is. Many people have the misconception that you must set aside long periods of time in order for it to be beneficial.
Many have visions of a person sitting in a sparse monk like room, in the lotus position with empty minds. For most of us in this modern world, this is a rarely attainable situation and certainly hard to incorporate into a daily regime. Effective meditation is, and will be different for each person.
It is has been said, “Prayer is talking to God, meditation is listening to God”, and I would agree with that. Keeping that in mind, whichever way creates a space within your day, within your being that allows you to achieve that state of focus, is meditation and is effective. Even if for only 5 minutes. Do what you can! If you can’t do it everyday, it’s okay. So many people feel guilt if they don’t mediate, the “all or nothing” approach and create unrealistic expectations for it to be a part of their life.

Also remember everyone is wired differently. Don’t compare yourself to others in regards to meditation. For example, some people need quiet to meditate; some people need the room to be dark. Others like the sun, others need music. What brings you to a higher space? To YOUR particular sacred place inside your head?For example, it is easier for me to meditate with music, but when I first began meditating, I learned to do so with guided tapes.Some people have trouble visualizing, others have trouble with the intruding thoughts. If your not visual, that is okay, allow a sense of what the guided journey is taking you, If your mind won’t stop thinking about the tasks and conversations that are in your day, hearing someone else’s voice in a guided meditation may help you.

The voice inside your head that keeps thinking about the phone calls you need to make, we all have it. Some of my students find it helpful if you acknowledge it, let it know you received the message and will remember it later, it can quiet it. Or keep a piece of paper nearby and write down the message the voice wants you to hear so you can go back to meditating.

Keep in mind that walking and other activities that are rhythmic and healthful can create a meditative place within you. Swimming, dancing, walking. I have had some of my best “listening to Spirit” meditative moments walking in nature, it renews me in body, mind and spirit.Yoga is also meditative for people. Part of it’s life changing effects for those who do it often is this meditative state it creates.

So you see, it simply is a matter of finding what works for you. Throw away the false assumptions, comparisons and expectations. Don’t be hard on yourself, enjoy it.
Explore your style of meditation and start listening.

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Spirituality and Money


I feel that this elegantly and honorably written article gives complete insight and understanding and will answer any questions that you may have. Aho!

Posted here with permission from Shaman Jade Wah’oo Grigori

Spirituality and Money

Written by Shaman Jade Wah’oo Grigori

Within the cultural paradigm of which I come the thought of ‘paying’ for a Ceremonial never comes up because the thought of NOT paying is never considered, so there is never the need to put a ‘price tag’ on anything of a spiritual nature. We Spirit People who provide a spiritual service, at home in a tribal culture, may wake up to find a sack of corn, a haunch of venison, an envelope of cash or some other valuable gift upon our doorstep. A person who receives help from us Spirit Peoples will continue to provide gifts for years to come.

This expression of appreciation is not a feature of American culture. In a consumer based society everything has an expected fee. You pay the price or go without. If there is no price established, there is an assumption of fine-print-trickery or worthlessness. This aspect of American society deprives the individual of responsibility and freedom in relationship to establishing the inherent value of a product or service to the individual. If, on the other hand, there is the appellation of ‘donation’ or ‘contribution’ associated with the item or experience, there is an observed tendency of even the most spiritually inclined person to consider that no payment or a minimal pittance is somehow acceptable, rather than to own personal responsibility for determining the value, for one’s self, of that which has been offered. This ‘get-something-for-nothing’ attitude is both reprehensible and dishonoring.

“How much is this Ceremony?” I have been asked.  I might respond by asking how many dollars is an experience of the ineffable and infinite worth? A teaching which may transform one’s world view? The opportunity for a healing that enables a person to live, let alone to live with grace and ease? The very concept is rather absurd. There is no way to place a dollar value on these things.

What is affordable to one is an extravagance beyond measure for another, and for someone else the same amount is mere pocket change. What is affordable for you? Determine this, then offer more than what is affordable, for it is in that realm between what is affordable and comfortable, and the extension of one’s offering beyond that limit, which creates the space where true healing and appreciation reside. I will often present a guide for payment in an evening’s Ceremony: How much would you spend on a fine evening’s entertainment? A movie and dinner? A night out partying at a club? Going to a theatrical stage production? Determine this first. Now, if what you have received in this Ceremony is purely entertainment, place an equivalent amount in the basket. If you have received something more than entertainment, something which is enlightening and world changing, place an amount in the basket in accordance of value of that which you have received. If you feel ‘less than’ from your experience, take something out of the basket and place it in your pocket! Never should a person feel lessened by their experience in a sacred event.

I have found that, even after offering insight on how ‘payment’ is handled, that some will then look at me and ask “So, what is the fee for this Ceremony?”  Well, I have been sent forth, by my Grampa and by Eagle Brother, into the American world to bring ‘the Ways’ into accessibility for all. I have had to learn to speak the language, socially and economically. So, when you see that there is a fee placed upon a ceremony, it is because, for the most part, Americans do not have the culturally designed knowledge of how to appropriately recompense a valuable service.

There are times when a person says to me that they really would like to attend a Ceremony or receive a Doctoring (Shamanic Healing Ceremony), but they cannot afford it. I will never turn away a person who sincerely needs help just because they don’t have cash in their pocket. If a person sincerely needs help, help I will offer to the best of my ability. The need for assistance arises from within the Soul, not the bank account. Such a person of indigent means may be asked to perform a service in exchange, and not always a service for me, but often a community service. It is the act of giving beyond one’s means which creates the space for healing. This is, in addition to the many ways possible, one expression of my give-away back into the Community.

There are some who have a belief that any kind of monetary exchange for a spiritual service is somehow unethical. I am curious when presented with this particular world view. I ask of the person what they themselves do to earn an income. And, if this occupation of theirs is not the expression of their spiritual service in the world, then why are they wasting their time doing something, merely for money, which is NOT their Spirit’s Calling? Personally, I cannot conceive of spending a significant portion of my waking life in the pursuit of money, let alone doing something which has no relevance to the purpose of my Being!

My Grampa Pena was insistent that payment be made for all Shamanic services. He would say that if a person did not suffer (by ‘suffer’ he meant to go beyond one’s comfort zone, physically, mentally, emotionally), they would not appreciate nor receive anything of value. Grampa told of how, in a Vision Quest, the young Indian men go up on the mountain with no food nor water for three, maybe four days. He spoke of how, because in those days the People were always hungry, that to go without food might mean death. And sometimes these young men would, in fact, die up on the mountain. He then mentioned American people who go up on the mountain, they don’t eat for a few days, they come down from the mountain and have a big turkey dinner….it means nothing to them to not eat, there is no real challenge. “Grandson,” he told me “you gotta make the people suffer so they can get something good. Those American people, they hurt in their wallet!” Think about it. He was right, you know.

My Spirit’s Calling IS my Life. As such, the  expression of that Calling is, and must be, the means of supporting my worldly existence so that I can continue to bring my Spirit’s Calling forth. So, when you see a ‘fee’ associated with a Ceremony, that monetary exchange is not a payment for a Ceremony. It is a contribution to, and support of, the continuance of my life and worldly responsibilities (rent, food, transportation to your community, my kids’ shoes and bicycles, an occasional movie…you know, the stuff of life in the world) so that I am able to continue to present ‘the Ways’ to you, and to others down the road.

Power, the Soul, and Money

“If you charge too much for your work, you will get sick. If you do not receive enough for your work, you will become sick.”

~A statement of direction given by the Ancestral Spirits of my lineage.

Life, in this incarnation, is finite. We have only a limited amount of time upon this planet, this lifetime. Every moment is an expenditure of a very precious resource…our time.

Life Force (Shamanically referred to as Power) is generated with each breath, spent with each action. Every endeavor, deed and minute of our life has an inherent investment of Power within it. The spiritual economy of Power underlies our interactions, relationships and the way in which we spend that most precious resource of time. When an individual goes to work they are expending a quantum of Power, quantified as time on the job and the investment of previous time spent in developing that particular skill (training, work experience, etc). For this the worker is compensated with money. That money represents, symbolizes, the investment of Life Force given on behalf of the employer. As the symbol is the thing itself, money equates with Life Force. The person who has been compensated then spends the cash, transferring that portion of his/her Life Force to another who is providing the product or service that is being purchased. This product or service also has an investment of Power within it, as the provider has spent time, i.e. Life Force, in the creation of the offering.

Our spiritual balance requires the maintenance of an equilibrium of Power within our Soul. When we start from the assumed place of inner balance and then extend a charge of Power to another, be it a lover, a friend, in a business transaction or to one who provides a service, there is the a prior agreement that there is to be a fair exchange, an equal return of Life Force in some other accepted form. In that moment we enter into, willingly, a state of negative equilibrium. When the exchange is fulfilled by the partner in the agreement returning an equal dynamic to us, we reenter a state of neutral equilibrium. When the partner receives our willingly given charge of Power, in whatever form it may be, a teaching, a product, a payment, etc, that partner is in a state of positive equilibrium. Only when the partner returns an equal quantum of Life Force does the partner reenter a state of neutral equilibrium.

If, when we have from a fair assessment of trust, given a charge of Power to another and the partner does not return a significant charge, or even anything, in exchange, we, the giving party, enter into a state of negative disequilibrium…we feel ‘burned’, robbed. The partner who has snubbed or deceived us is now in a state of positive disequilibrium, which creates a spiritually toxic state. Imagine that you have just expressed your heartfelt care for your mate/child/friend and that person turns and ignores you. That feeling is what I am speaking of. And the partner who has just taken your offering and kept it is, in actuality, perpetrating an act of theft upon you. This type of behavior, unfortunately so prevalent in today’s societies, disempowers, literally, the giver and causes separation, illness and discord in the life of the taker.

When we give and receive in fair exchange, all parties experience a communion with humanity, a trust validated, an encouragement to risk. A thing of beauty ensues. Let us be in awareness of the rightness and goodness in the sharing of our Life Force with each other, be it with a kind word of appreciation, the willing balancing of our karmic accounts or the honor of payment for spiritual services rendered.

I hope with these words and investigations to bring clarity to a question which arises in the arena of spiritual teachings and money.

Written by
Jade Wah’oo Grigori

How to Get the Most Out of Your Angel Reading


Eileen Anglin

Favorite Angel Intuitive Eileen Anglin

by Eileen Anglin

If you’d like to work with my privately, for phone sessions that include distance White Rose Angelic Light Ray energy sessions, intuitive angel sessions or Creative Spirit breakthrough Coaching, you can schedule a phone or email session at this link:

Although angel advisors are blessed with intuitive gifts, a session with a angel advisor is a different experience than other readings you may have experienced before. An example of a different experience than other readings you may have experienced before. An example of the difference I like to give is that with a psychic reading, you want to know if you will win a court case. In an angel reading, the angels want to discuss what your creating in your life, in the choices in life that has you going to court in the first place!

Because a ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER® (ATP®) is receiving the love and wisdom from angels and high level guides and masters, Universal Laws are in play. For example, angels will never tell you what to do. They can suggest a course of action that can bring about the highest good, but will never tell you, step by step, what to do. In my experience, they usually give the client several different ways they can approach a situation. They tell me this is because the Human Free Will can decide to switch things around so quickly, that there are many possibilities floating out there waiting to manifest, many roads the person can take.

Read on to find out how you can become a more active participant in your angel readings with your advisor and get the most out of your time with us.

Why Are Time Lines Hard to Predict?

Some people may wonder that if we are speaking with angels, why we cannot get time lines clearly. There are several reasons come into play.

Although the angels can see ahead much farther than we can comprehend, we as advisors are in our human bodies and have to work through that heavy density instrument. For example, picture how a radio receives what you hear. the angel who is sending very clear radio waves of information through the air , down the antenna, to the angel advisor who is the radio. Maybe that day the radio or the antenna on that radio is having to contend with other electromagnetic waves around it or other interferences. I think we have all had the experience of listening to the radio in a car and at a certain time of day, or in certain weather it has a lot of static, or we the signal becomes weak. It’s similar to that. So although the information comes in clear from your angels, the radio gets only part of the story. It’s just part of our experience on Earth if you’re an intuitive.

If advisors are talking to angels, why aren’t they always right?

Angels help us create a better reality here on Earth. Our angels and guides help us, support us but we have to do the work. They can only suggest a better approach, a higher perspective and it’s up to us to act on this higher wisdom we receive from them. And because we are human, sometimes we don’t. Because of that outcomes and time lines are sometimes blurred. My master guide and angel Alonya describes it like this:

“Think of all the possibilities of a humans life as a night’s sky. All those stars are possibilities. If the human decides to forgive or heal one of those stars becomes brighter If they wake up the next day and become angry again and decide not to let go and harbor old resentments, different stars becomes brighter and closer and the ones from yesterday recede and become dimmer. Humans are complicated because life on Earth is complicated and they always switching things up, changing directions. This is why we can only offer “possibilities”, or at best, the most likely possibility according to current circumstances”

I do love angel intuitive because of how wonderful they are in so many ways and for the strength of their healing messages. If you’re connecting to your angels and open to their love and wisdom, most of the time an Angel Reading will act as a confirmation on the nudges, feelings or intuitive hits you have been already getting. I remember hearing once from someone on TV that if a “psychic ” is 50 % right, they are very good., and an 80% accuracy and they are incredible. So that leaves a lot of room for answers that may not hit the mark. Why is that? Several reasons . Sometimes it is the way the client asks a question. Sometimes the client themselves may be blocked.

Rock Goddess Tatianaoffers; “Sometimes we are not supposed to know exactly how and when things are going to happen so we can experience life and the process of those things coming into reality.”

Angels Need Permission Too

Another thing I have learned from the angels and guides is that they won’t delve into a client’s life lesson unless given permission to. The angels tell me they know of details about a person’s soul and their life plan, but they are bound by the laws of the Universe and they receive the message your ready to work on a lesson or area of growth when you ask them about it or ask for healing with it. It’s as if you give the angel advisor and the angels the okay to open a door that contains that particular information.

Sometimes a client will want to know what someone else is feeling, thinking. I have found that the angels will be very vague on a question like that. The reasons are because that question is asked without the permission to reveal and delve into the soul of another. Angels won’t do that either. They respect the path and privacy of another. They can give some information as it directly relates to the client, but they will not go further than that. They say the reading is about the client, and their heart, their path and that is the focus.

Talk to Your Angels!

One thing I have notice over the years is that the clients who talk to their angels often and connect with them by meditating or praying have the angels that I can hear the loudest. Their answers to the clients questions come through loud and clear. Sometimes they are giving me so much information I have to ask them to let me catch up! So, I highly recommend that while you ask an angel advisor to connect with your angels, you may also wish to do this on a daily basis. It will create healing in your life and also make for more powerful readings.

“Testing” Your Advisor:

Testing an advisor is effectively blocking them at the same time. I think most advisors can feel within the first few seconds when we are in session with a client who is blocking the energy between us. This can take place in the form of asking a very general and vague question because you want to see how psychic the advisor is by having them figure out what the issue is. I call this having to “dig.” For me, it actually feels like an big thick wall of energy between me and the client. It’s very hard to read for clients like this because part of our process is connecting to your heart and your energy to connect with your personal angels and guides. It’s like trying to make a phone call but the phone company has disrupted the call. Many times I am working to dissolve that wall but by the time the energy begins to become harmonious, the call is going t end. Such a waste of healing time that could have been better spent getting all the answers needed! Also, although all the angel advisors are very intuitive, our way of reading comes through differently. We are healers. We help facilitate the conversation between you and your angels. We need your active participation.

I always suggest that clients not ask general questions but act as if they are asking their angels the very thing they want clarity or healing with. This makes for a much more detailed and healing session and won’t waste your precious minutes together.

Radleigh Valentine adds;

I would tell my friend that a good reading is one that helps us either confirm or change the course our life is on in order to bring us peace, joy, or both.”

“When I think back on it, the readings that I have given to people that I am most proud of are not the ones where I recanted for them specific details I couldn’t have known.  The readings that I am the most proud of are the ones that made a difference for the client.  It’s the messages that I was able to deliver whereby they could make changes in their lives that really mattered that make what I do fulfilling.  Those were good readings.”

Some suggestions on how to prepare for your Angel Reading:

Before you pick up the phone, focusing on the areas of your life in which you are seeking guidance, clarity, or healing. Make a list of questions. Angels deliver their answers from the general to the specific. The more specific you are in your questions, the more the Angels can zero in on the concerns you have.

Then call out to your Angels and guides to join you on the phone call. Ask that they remove any energetic walls you may have that could interfere with the reading and to that they speak loudly and clearly to the advisor.

Not that long ago, I had a phone client who was holding a crystal during her reading. I didn’t know this but her angels did and showed me this through clairvoyance and wanted to talk about it. The client was using a crystal to help boost the healing and the messages she received session and to assist the session so the angelic messages were clear and accurate. Anything a client can do to boost the vibration of a session on their end will result in a wonderful exchange.

Simply taking a breathe and saying a prayer or simply saying “Angels, please remove anything and everything that may block me from hearing and feeling your wisdom and loving guidance through my angel advisor” can amp up a session dramatically.

Remember that when you call, you and I are working with your angels for your highest good, and that requires your full participation in the process.

What is the difference between a “Psychic Readings” and Angel Readings?

Working with angels, clients are finding they can finally move forward and take necessary steps to a more fulfilling life. A fellow ATP Cindy Eyler wrote it best here:

“Psychic readings are usually based on facts, events, time lines, predictions, etc. Angel readings are spiritual messages from the angels, ascended masters, and guides that help people receive divine guidance on how to live more according to their higher purpose, to be true to themselves.

When dealing with the “when” and/or “time” issues, it is important to point out that the “when” and/or “time” factor depends on how much effort a person is willing to put into achieving the guided outcome, and how big the changes have to be to create the outcome. Keeping in mind, everyone has their own FREE WILL and the choices made by an individual will affect the outcome of the situation.”

Example Questions: What is the name of my soul mate? What will my father leave me when he passes away? What is Julie doing when she isn’t with me?

There is nothing wrong with some of these questions, however, the direct question will not be the focus. The focus will be on why the clients hasn’t yet attracted or resolved an issue, and what the client has to work on in moving forward in receiving the results they desire. It isn’t always about the “when and how” but also the client’s participation in the “why” it hasn’t happened yet!  Sometimes people just want to know the answers to questions, a quick fix, however, they are not always willing to work on the core issues that keep them from bringing to themselves, for example a “soul mate.”

The angels feel it is important that we all begin to look within and deal with blocks we have taken on that are standing in the way of living life to its fullest. Once the blocks are identified all other areas seem to begin falling into place – thus, the “soul mate” comes into view.

Angel Advisor Brigida states;

“I find that Angel readings are not so much about I see you are getting a luxury car in the future or even predictions. I feel the angels want to us to do angel readings as information on how that person can move forward on their spiritual journey. We are teachers. That is why clients come back for more learning about opening themselves up to the possibilities for the future. The angels connect with Advisors so that we continue to educate those we come in contact with To give them their personal message to continue to move forward in life and on their own spiritual journey, and then to be able to teach others to do the same.”

I hope this helps you to get the most out of your next reading or healing no matter where you seek it.

Walk in beauty and may Grace and Fulfillment be on that path,

Eileen Smith

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