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Opening to Love : Free Guided Meditation

Opening to Love : Free Guided Meditation For Love, Attracting Love, Improving Relationships

Opening to Love : Free Guided Meditation For Love, Attracting Love, Improving Relationships

We all seek to love and be loved, and isn’t it sad that the one thing we really want, some of us push away?

I was talking with a friend the other day, and she reminded me of a saying I used often; “There is a lid for every pot.” I still believe there is someone for everyone, but I also believe that people can sabotage partnership. I know people who make the choice not to love, or can’t open their heart because of having been hurt in the past. I’m sure you know people like that too. You may be in love with someone like that. Or this may be you.

I do hope this video and blog post allows you to begin to move into a place where you can create more love within your existing relationship or new attract sacred love into your life.

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4 Reasons Prayers Are Not Being Answered


“I’ve been asking my angels for help but I’m not seeing any results. What am I doing wrong?”

Firstly, let me say that God and the angels hear all of your prayers and no prayer goes unanswered.

It just may not be the answer you have been asking for, or delivered in the way you wanted and in the time frame you wanted.

A misconception has grown from books and social media on manifesting an outcome. I feel it is a great disservice to tell people if you think positively and watch your thoughts, you will bring to you all that you desire, that by saying certain words and affirmations, or having the right crystal the angels will bring to you your exact desire.

Despite information made popular, the angels tell me this is not the case and it’s left people feeling disillusioned and abandoned. People are feeling like the angels have overlooked them because they keep asking and praying but nothing ever changes for them. The power of manifestation is very real, but there are other factors at play. There is more to this and yet it is so simple. Not only do you need the faith, the belief of answered prayers, but you also need to take action. The law of attraction needs the laws of action.

What are these other factors at play? A growth lesson, non interference, the constraints of our linear Earth time, human will on Earth and taking action.

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How Letting Go and Surrendering To The Angels Can Create Your Miracle

archangel empowerment at copyright eileen anglin

Do you have something you have been struggling to try to create, do or make peace with? We are hearing and seeing a lot of people talking about “surrender” and “letting go” But what is it to surrender and let go?

If you are like most people, the challenge for you (and all of us) is that you may say that we have surrendered something up to God and the angels, but the fear and our need to control are still trying to micromanage and force the changes we want to see in our lives.

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