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Nature’s Early Spring Perfume

I have a witch hazel bush that is just perfuming the air with fragrance for over a week.

It’s so strong that I am walking around the yard trying to find things to do so I can keep smelling it.

If you are in the northeast, I highly recommend this native plant. The scent will fill the yard.

It’s the first thing to bloom too.

Witch Hazel bush in The Gardens of 333

Witch Hazel bush in The Gardens of 333

The Autumn Equinox is Upon Us. Bless the Trees in Gratitude

Now is the time to celebrate the Autumn equinox. We can do this by giving blessings and expressing gratitude to Nature and the blessings she gives us.

One way I like to do that is by gifting the trees. I place crystals and cornmeal as well as sage, and express my gratitude for the beauty, the abundance and the health that is given to us by them as I make a sacred circle around each one of them.

Reflect on all the things Nature provided for you and your loved ones during the summer season now leaving us. Joy, fun, food, shelter, exercise, shade, harmony..

Nature responds to your gratitude and opens you up for even more blessings to occur.

~*~Eileen Smith Anglin

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